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The Passive Income Engines Master Course

The Passive Income Engines Master Course contains the in depth, yet simple to follow, step by step process for creating financial freedom for you and your family using a unique and balanced approach to building a Passive Income Portfolio consisting of side hustles, income stream assets, as well as traditional and untraditional investments. This is an ever-growing training library as we continually add new income streams, investments and strategies each and every month.

$1,497 Value 

Our Private Online Community

This alone is worth the price of admission. You'll have ongoing access to other, like-minded people who are experiencing this journey with you, asking questions, encouraging each other and helping each other win. We also go live in the community doing Ask Me Anythings's, teaching new strategies and revealing new and vetted opportunities that will grow your Passive Income Portfolio.

$497 Value 

The "Rich Forever Formula"

This is the overarching financial freedom plan that we teach you exactly how to deploy. In this section we will show you an unconventional way to use conventional investments to build a "financial fortress" that will fund you and your family's freedom...forever.

$397 Value 

The "Significant Side Hustle" Handbook

Here is where you'll have access to our training library of simple side hustles you can deploy to bring in new streams of revenue that will fuel your Passive Income Portfolio. We are continually updating this section with new side hustle and income stream strategies.

$297 Value 

The "Passive Income" Playbook

In this section we show you how to use your Passive Income Portfolio to pay for your car, house, lifestyle expenses and even REPLACE YOUR PAYCHECK from your day job if you would like to do so. 

$297 Value 

Alternate Investment Secrets

In this section we will show you how to turbocharge your portfolio using a mix of non-traditional investment strategies and potentially tap into some windfall gains to accelerate your results. 

$297 Value 

BONUS #1: How to Make This Course Free

Actually the very first thing we're going to have you do is implement a simple strategy that will bring you in more than enough new monthly income to pay for this program, making your tuition FREE.

$97 Value (FREE)

BONUS #2: The Financial Freedom Calculator

Use this simple tool to discover exactly how much you need to invest, and where, in order to create enough passive income to fund the life you've always dreamt about. (This takes the guess work out of investing!)

$37 Value (FREE)

BONUS #3: Investing With "Online Real Estate" 

Here we'll show you how to get some exciting returns by investing in fractional real estate using some outside-the-box investments. 

$297 Value (FREE)

BONUS #4: Tax Strategies & Advanced Tactics 

We'll give you access to the tax strategies that we use, as well as access to our insider, industry connections to those who have mastered the tax arena.

$297 Value (FREE)

BONUS #5: "Become Your Own Bank" 

Strategies that the utlra-wealthy use in order to never have to borrow from a bank again. This strategy allows you to build your family bank that will fund your family line for generations to come.

$397 Value (FREE)

BONUS #6: Generational Wealth Secrets: Setting Your Kids Up for Success

Here's a unique investment strategy that will set your kids up for financial success AND it grows tax free. Implement this today and your kids financial future will be secured.

$397 Value (FREE)

BONUS #7: Weekly Office Hours

Each week we have a dedicated expert who goes live in the community to help you if you get stuck on anything tech or investment related. They'll guide you through whatever you're stuck on so that you can get back out there and creating passive income as fast as possible.

$297 Value (FREE)

BONUS #8: Creating Income Streams Using Chat GPT and A.I. Strategies

Learn new ways to leverage A.I. to create passive and semi-passive income streams. With constant advancements being released with A.I. this makes this an extremely exciting and lucrative opportunity.

$297 Value (FREE)

BONUS #9: Gold Investment Strategies

Discover methods for investing in Gold using modern methods that allows you to create new streams of passive income from a traditionally non-passive investment.

$297 Value (FREE)

BONUS #10: Future's Edge Academy Stock Trading Masterclass

Learn how to be a profitable day trader in 90 days using the unique Future's Edge investing software and strategies. This skillset allows you to earn money from anywhere with no earnings cap. (Comes with free coaching calls too)

$497 Value (FREE)

That's $6,192 Worth of Trainings, Tools, Coaching, Advise & Mentorship But You Can Get Started Right Now For Just: 



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Meet Your Team of Experts:

We have assembled with the common goal of helping you escape the limited life so you can focus on the big things God has put on your heart to accomplish....

James Pelton: AKA "The Online Income Yoda"

James is one of the most popular business Youtubers on the planet for a reason. He has a heart of gold and is passionate about helping others achieve financial freedom so they can focus on the big things God has called them to do. After selling his tech business for multiple 7 figures he turned his attention to helping others achieve financial success too.

Travis Peters: AKA "The Professor of Increase"

With his "Faith First" approach to success, Travis has a unique style when it comes to teaching others how to create the life they can't wait to wake up for. Through online business and investing, he has generated millions of dollars and is passionate about being wildly generous and helping others achieve success by using Biblical principles.

Dr. Dave Powers AKA "THE PIE BOSS"

Dr. David Powers, AKA The Rugged Dad, AKA The PIE Boss, AKA Mr. Prepared...He's a jack of all trades and a master of lots! He's amazing at keeping you up to date with new strategies, new investments and new ways of creating income. He'll encourage you, help you if you get stuck and is just an all 'round rock star. (With Dr. Dave on the team, you can't lose!)

Ryan Reger: AKA "Mr. Multiple" 

Ryan, the founder of the Streams of Income podcast, sold his business for 7 figures and is now focused on helping others achieve success, fulfillment and pursing what God has called them to do. He has a heart for ministry, is strategic at business and wants to make sure you have an amazing experience as you go through and implement the Passive Income Engines program.

How This Works:

It's Just 4 Easy Steps:


Sign up now for just $1. You'll get Instant Access to the Community & Training Modules.


Watch the videos in the member's area and we'll help you set your Passive Income financial goals. (Both long term and short term)


Using our Financial Freedom Calculator, you'll reverse engineer the amount of Passive Income you need inside of your balanced Passive Income Portfolio.


Begin to deploy your income streams, building your portfolio. Ask questions in the Community, join us for our Live calls and learn about the best strategies for accelerating your results and hitting your goals faster.

What Makes This Different:

Most programs only teach you ONE way to create passive income, putting all your eggs in one basket. The problem with this approach is that sometimes that one strategy stops working, leaving you with...nothing.

We teach a unique strategy that combines a balanced approach to creating a Passive Income Portfolio that consists of the 3 revenue generating categories:

✅ Online Income Streams

✅ Alternate Investments

✅ Traditional Investments 

When you balance those three categories correctly, you'll have a true BULLETPROOF Portfolio of Passive Income streams that can withstand and whether any economic storm or situation. 

You can then use this Passive Income Portfolio to fund your lifestyle, put your kids in private schools, upgrade your house/cars, pay off debt, replace your day job income and even fund your retirement. (Or whatever goal is on your heart)

This is your place to learn from top entrepreneurs and investors on how to use and combine these three types of revenue streams to fund the life you've always wanted.

We Teach a Holistic Approach to Wealth Building

Not only will you learn how to create a balanced "Passive Income Portfolio" with our three pronged approach, but you'll also learn the Biblical principles behind wealth, stewardship and generosity which will allow you to experience new wealth at new levels without the turmoil that can often go with it.

Our Guarantee To You:


Our goal is to help you win. We are here to show you strategies that will free you up financially so you can spend more time with family, hit all your goals and pursue the things you're passionate about. 

We strive to keep you informed with the trainings, strategies and connections you need to help you become successful. 

If at anytime you feel like you're not receiving anything of value from us, just email support and we will cancel your membership, and no worries - we can still be friends. 
(Worse case scenario is try some things out and accidentally create some passive income!)

How To Get Started:

1. Click the Button Below and Sign Up On the Next Page
2. Watch the Welcome Video, Then Watch the Video "How to Make This Program Free" and implement.
3. Use our tools, resources, trainings and experts to build your Passive Income Portfolio!